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SHARE CLIPS: Using Direct Connect

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Topic: SHARE CLIPS: Using Direct Connect
Posted By: Nick-V
Subject: SHARE CLIPS: Using Direct Connect
Date Posted: 12 January 2008 at 1:49am
Start sharing clips with other members
SHARE CLIPS: Using Direct Connect
To get back to this page, click SHARE CLIPS on the top menu.
Welcome. Are you ready to exchange thousands of the best HCM video clips & chat with tens of online members? Take two minutes to read how to:
  • a) ask for a password
  • b) download DC++
  • c) prepare to share
  • d) enter your nickname & password
DC++ is the leading client for the widely used "Direct Connect" P2P network. The HCM version has been pre-configured to make things easy - don't change any settings!

1) Download clips here

a) Ask for a password (different to the forum password) by posting a new topic in the ' - ' forum. Say three things:
  1. Where you found this site (specific name of the other site).
  2. What clips you have to share (describe the clips you are offering to share).
  3. Ask for your hub password (different to the forum password).
b) Download & install DC++:
  • Windows: download the pre-configured version of DC++ (v0.866) - (don't change any settings).
  • Windows XP: download the pre-configured version of DC++ (v0.851) - (don't change any settings).
  • MAC OS X: download - (& enter settings similar to DC++ - see below).
c) Prepare to share by moving your existing 'Hidden Camera Masturbation' clips to the \HCM folder & the rest to the \NOT HCM folder.
  • Open these folders using the 'DC++ Clips' icon that appears on both your desktop & start menu. Please watch & categorise HCM & NOT HCM clips carefully - never rely on file names. Real HCM is defined - . The files you intend to share may be checked when you log on.

d) Enter your nickname & password into DC++ (when it arrives in a private message):

  1. Choose Favorite Hubs from the View menu. Right click HCM Private Hub & select Properties.
  2. Enter (copy & paste in lower case) your nickname.
  3. Enter (copy & paste in lower case) your password (different to the forum).
  4. Restart DC++ & you should log in automatically.

Posted By: Nick-V
Date Posted: 12 January 2008 at 1:49am
2) What is...?

What is HCM ?

Real HCM video clips MUST show the subject masturbating and unaware of the hidden camera.

Real HCM clips MUST NOT include scenes:

  1. with no masturbation
  2. where the subject is aware of the camera
  3. where the action is staged

Here are some tips:

  1. Most or perhaps all Japanese clips HCM are regarded as staged.
  2. Clips produced by most commercial sites are regarded as staged and copyright.
  3. Real HCM clips are not always the best quality.
  4. Real HCM clips sometimes include clues such as a finger-sniffing or a wandering cat.
  5. Women rarely turn towards the camera, get their clothes off and get on with it.
  6. Its probably self-filmed if the subject walks to the camera at the end.
  7. Webcam, amateur sex, lesbian, etc. are not HCM.

What is Direct Connect ?
Direct Connect is a peer-to-peer file sharing system used by millions of users worldwide:
  1. With DC, you download & upload directly with other members not from a web site. Our private DC hub simply puts you in touch.
  2. DC is quite clever, you don't choose members to download from. You simply add clips to your download queue & let DC download clips from the first member(s) available. Add clips to the download queue by browsing a member's file list, by searching all members on part-filename or by using the fantastic - .
  3. The download speed depends on the upload capacity of the person sharing & the Internet route between them & you. We share large files at HCM so DC is configured for fewer download slots to ensure more speed per slot (so slots becomes available sooner).

Posted By: Nick-V
Date Posted: 12 January 2008 at 1:49am
3) Improve your connection (& 'connection timeout' error)

Our pre-configured DC version really makes set-up easy & it works for nearly everyone. But DC can work even better with a few adjustments.
We defaulted the Connection settings to Firewall (passive, last resort) to get you started. However, your searches will be limited & you can only download from members with better (active) settings.
To get full access, consider the four approaches below (for more information click help within DC Connection settings):
  1. Direct connection - use this if you are connected directly to The Internet (no router). No further setup is required. Fully functional.
  2. Firewall with UPnP - use this if you use a router that supports Universal Plug & Play (uPnP) & use Windows XP or later. No further setup is required. Fully functional.
  3. Firewall with manual port forwarding - use this when you use a normal router. In the DC++ connection settings, enter - & port 1412 TCP & UDP. Then set up your router using your internal IP address (e.g. 192.168.?.?) & port 1412 according to the specific instructions - . Fully functional.
  4. Firewall (passive, last resort) - use this when you are behind a firewall or NAT device & have no control (at work). No further setup is required. You can only download from non-passive members & searches are restricted.

Posted By: Nick-V
Date Posted: 12 January 2008 at 4:57pm
4) Quality Policy (rules)

HCM is a successful file sharing community because its members & moderators work together. Every single member is responsible for keeping this site working well by following a handful of rules.
  • If we forget, a moderator will remind us, restrict our account & try to be available to provide assistance. When we fix our problem we must ask a moderator to check & de-restrict our account.
  • Its definitely better to avoid mistakes to save everyone's time so make sure you follow the rules.

1) Lets remember this site is completely free - it is financed & administered by volunteer moderators & has a great team of friendly members.

* DO behave fairly & follow the rules - moderators do not want to remind you.
* DO read all messages - respond promptly to moderators requests.
* DO listen carefully - moderators have little time to repeat things.
DO be friendly & treat everyone with respect.
* DO visit the forum regularly for news - let us know about new clips.

2) HCM clips are our speciality - we carefully separate them from NOT HCM clips.

* DO watch clips as they arrive to the \DOWNLOADS folder - carefully move real HCM clips to \HCM, & the rest to \NOT HCM.
* DO sort clips frequently - if you exceed 3GB of unsorted clips your account will be restricted.
* DO NOT move files out of your share to avoid sorting - folders are monitored & your account may be deleted.
* DO NOT delete files - keep everything so DC can prevent unwanted clips being downloaded again.
* DO NOT rename files - this wastes everyone's time.

3) Clips can be downloaded quickly - we use our software fairly & efficiently.

* DO use our pre-configured version of DC (from SHARE CLIPS) - it uses the best settings for this site.
* DO NOT change any DC settings - except for configuring Active Mode which works better.
* DO NOT use other sharing software like Torrent, EMule, when using the HCM hub.

4) We share only relevant & safe files - off-topic & potentially dangerous files are excluded.

* DO NOT share under-age, animal, copyright or other illegal clips.
* DO NOT share programs, sound files, pictures, archives or other off-topic files.

Posted By: Nick-V
Date Posted: 18 December 2009 at 11:17am
5) Compulsory settings 
If you installed the pre-configured version of DC simply enter your nickname & password under Favorite Hubs. However, if you use a MAC or want to set up manually you'll need to use the settings below.
Under Favorite Hubs
For reference, the address of our private hub is ''.  
Under Settings
You are required to use the settings set out below. All other settings must remain as provided in the pre-configured version.
Personal information
Line speed (upload): 0.5 (change only if your ISP provides more or less)
Connection settings
See section 3 above.
Default download directory: C:\DC++HCM\Files\DOWNLOADS\ (change only if relocating)
Unfinished downloads directory: C:\DC++HCM\Files\UNFINISHED\ (change only if relocating)
Maximum simultaneous downloads: 3
No new downloads if speed exceeds: 0
Automatically search for alternative download locations: checked
Don't download files already in share: checked
Shared directories:
HCM, C:\DC++HCM\Files\HCM\
Share hidden files: not checked
Automatically open an extra slot if speed is below: 15
Upload slots: 3
Open private messages...: check all three
Automatically follow redirects: checked
Register with windows to handle magnet: URL links: checked
Automatically disconnect users who leave the hub: checked

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